The time to buy your property is in 2017

  • World Real Estate

According to the website of Exame, in 2017 the value of real estate tend to be stable, after a fall of almost 6.5% in 2016. Although the Brazilian economy is quite shaken, the news is good for those who want to acquire or exchange their property . Another news is that the market is full of new offers, which means a greater number of real estate ready, waiting for you.
This large amount of real estate is advantageous for the consumer who has money in hand, so he can make a good deal and earn a great discount. For those who do not have the possibility of completely removing their property, there is the possibility of a financing, which should only be done after some calculations, involving their monthly budget in the long term. In addition to the buying and selling market, the properties for rent tend to lower prices, having a discount of 5 to 10% over the usual value.
Another good news is that on Jan. 11, the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee) announced the fall of the Selic rate (Settlement and Custody System) from 13.75% to 13%. This rate corresponds to the basic interest rates of the Brazilian financial system, which regulates the very short-term loans that banks make between them.
"Property owners who need money and can not wait for the resumption of the economy will sell the property for a lower price," says Eduardo Schaeffer, president of classified real estate portal Zap Imóveis.
Finally, we can not wait for a stable and safe economy to sell or buy some property, since the current Brazilian political situation does not support such stability, but the Brazilian can always find a "way" to overcome the limitations imposed. Since the forecast for 2018 is not so friendly, prices are likely to rise again, so seize the opportunities in this year 2017 and make good deals.