10 Tips for having an organized condominium

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If you already have years of experience with maintaining a condominium, it's easy to check in and see if it's already done right, if you do not have any experience, the tips below can help you a lot, see what we have left to let you know sharp when it comes to condo maintenance.

1.Save water

Excessive washing of areas such as a garage, in addition to reducing the life of the floor, still bring a great waste of water. Always use equipment that is appropriate and environmentally friendly to reduce consumption. In addition, it is also important to think about actions to collect rainwater, so this stored water can be used not only in cleaning, but also in the garden.

2. Keep the water box clean.
In addition to preventing future leaks from damaging the structure, the cleaning and maintenance of the water tank prevents mosquitoes such as aedes aegypti from being able to multiply their eggs. Therefore, cleanliness is something so important, in addition to that, all residents need to make sure that the water that reaches their taps is clean and fit for bathing and other activities.

3. Make investments in the condominium
How good it is to enter a building that has just been delivered, with that wonderful new smell. The problem is that as time goes on, most trustees lose the habit they always perform a maintenance of areas with playground, pool, ballroom and more. If in a given time, the materials are exchanged, in addition to generating a well-being to all the residents, the building becomes financially valued for always being in a good state of conservation, facilitating transactions such as buying and selling.

4. Conduct surveys
They are essential to keeping a schedule of maintenance in order. Many people often feel that one should not look for problems, but this is totally unfounded, since the earlier the problem is, the easier it is to correct. The surveys need to be in all areas of the building, electricity, plumbing, column structure, cracks and others.
5. Invest in waterproofing
If the city where you live is affected by many rains, the waterproofing is fundamental, be it in the structure or tops of the building. Today in days many materials are in circulation by the market, this is also something to be analyzed.

6. Security above all else
Investing in security is paramount, today it is very easy to acquire your own security systems, just as the market also has several companies that proportionate electronic security and personnel. The camera system can reduce many headaches for the trustee, such as petty thefts, dents in cars, misbehavior among residents or visitors, among others.

7. Accessibility in all locations
Some people may have special needs, or in cases of accidents, they need to use crutches, wheelchairs, or any other equipment that helps in mobility. As much as the building has not been built thinking about it, the role of the trustee is to think of everyone as a whole, recognizing the present need, as well as future ones as well. That is why it is important to recognize this, adapting the locomotion of the main areas for the enjoyment of all.

8. Keep the Bylaws Up to Date
Years pass, laws change, and it is always good to update the internal regiment too. This is to discard unfounded articles, and add improvements for all residents.

9. Welcome Kit
In addition to welcoming new residents, the welcome kit is a great idea to communicate about good living rules, condominium rules, activities performed, and other notifications that serve as the north to new residents. The kit should also contain the syndic's contact number, other employee contact numbers and registration form.

10. Respect
Remember that any condo maintenance and protection tip can only work if everyone has respect for all the professionals involved in each task. Everything starts and ends with respect, so you can overdo the doses.