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I want to register my property

You must contact us or register the property through Advertise your property. After completing the pre-registration form, the responsible sector will contact you to validate the information and complete the process by signing the necessary documents. Then we will take the photos and advertise your property to receive offers and visits!
By leaving your property under the management of Execut, you will have a professional assessment based on market research, which will provide agility in your negotiation.
When advertising your property with Execut, you can count on assertive and strategic disclosure, through signage on the spot (if allowed), as well as boosting both on the website - modern, efficient and responsive platform - and on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and Specialized Portals (ZAP, Viva Real, OLX and Imóvel Web), which will further increase visibility and sales chances.

I want to rent a property

You can schedule a visit with our rental team by calling (83) 2107-0101 or via our Whatsapp (83) 98212-0100. Our opening hours are from 8 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm.
The documents required depend on the type of tenancy guarantee (see what types are in the following answer). Generally, the deadline for delivery of documents is up to 2 business days after booking the property.
Surety Bond, Capitalization Bond and Credpago. In exceptional cases, upon cadastral evaluation, Guarantor and surety bond.
Not. You can send them to the email
The period will depend on the chosen guarantee and the complete submission of the requested documentation. Generally, the deadline is up to 1 (one) business day after receipt of the complete documentation by the realtor.
There is the traditional way, with the signature of each signature at a notary's office, and the digital signature, through a fully online platform.
Tenant participation is important, but not mandatory.
After the completion of the process and completion of the entry inspection, the keys will be released.

I want to buy a property

This is very easy! Just contact us via phone (83) 2107-0101 or via our WhatsApp (83) 98212-0100. You can also request service through our social media. We are always available!
Real estate is the safest and most profitable investment. In addition to representing your heritage, it brings several advantages such as appreciation and return on investment. And at Execut, we help you during the process, with all the necessary legal certainty.
Contact us and let us know which type of property is most suitable for your family and the best neighborhoods, we will make sure to offer a personalized service and present the properties within the chosen profile!
Through the Execut website, in a quick and practical way, you can access hundreds of properties, filtering according to type, location and necessary characteristics, from wherever you are and wherever you want.
For sure! You will have the exclusive Legal Advice of Specialists in Real Estate Law, who accompany and check all documentation and are responsible for the elaboration of contracts, thus guaranteeing greater legal certainty for the business.
The main difference is that the property in the plan has not yet been built by the builder or is under construction, while the finished property is already built and can be inhabited after purchase.
Real estate financing is a line of credit offered by banks to be used for real estate purposes. Banks pay the seller of the property the amount that the buyer will finance. Several banks offer financing lines and what differentiates them are the payment terms, such as interest rates, contract duration, etc.