See all you need to know before buying your property

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Call us on our tips:

1. Choose Execut to present you the best properties.
Nowadays the market is saturated with real estate agents and independent brokers, but Execut is the only one that has already conquered 28 years of market with stories of great achievements. Being the first real estate company of the state to conquer with exclusivity the international certificate ISO 9001. What guarantees to you, security and guarantee of an excellent business.

2. See the fastest access routes to help you in your daily life.
Time is a precious asset, so it pays to be careful when choosing the location of your property.

3. Find out about the neighborhood, whether it has celebratory events or parties during the year.
For those who prefer quiet rather than agitation, it is important to know the characteristics of the neighborhood, so as not to bother with possible celebratory events such as Carnival, São João and others.

4. Think about retirement, calculate the possible costs.
Sometimes an advantageous price in the value of the property needs to be tied to a possible overhaul / repaired. Older real estate are the ones that draw the most attention to this type of expense. But make no mistake, new or semi-new real estate sometimes also require further repairs.

5. Make sure that pipes, wirings and other areas are in good repair.
Even in real estate with a few years of use, it is necessary to ask and make sure the state of conservation. The main headaches are linked to just the plumbing and electricity, so this tip is golden.

6. Lastly, just close business when you are sure that the property has no financial backing.
In our last check-in item, you do not have to worry, Execut takes care of it for you. So do not be in doubt when buying your property, think Execut.