Is it worth buying real estate in the plant?

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The dream of home ownership is desired by millions, but unfortunately the very high number of interest and taxes do not allow much of the population to make it real. To those who have the chance to live it, some forms of credit can help, besides the possibility of buying the property still in the plant, where a certain discount is obtained. However, we can not always trust and believe in cheap, so we separated some tips.

     Answer the following questions before making any decisions:

1. Is the builder reliable enough that I can invest so much money?

2. Am I sure this is the right property for me?

3. Can I make a long-term funding commitment?

4. Is the m² value correct?

5. Have I already calculated the interest on the value of the property?

After answering them, feel cold-headed to begin planning or implementing the dream of home ownership. Above all, be true to your purpose, without losing the focus of how much to spend, because in the end everything is worthwhile when we reach our goals.