João Pessoa is one of the 10 best cities to invest

  • World Real Estate

Away from the chaos of major metropolitan cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, João Pessoa has emerged as one of the best cities to invest in real estate, with less than 1 million inhabitants, catch the attention of buyers.

In a study carried out by experts, about 100 Brazilian cities with less than 1 million inhabitants - representing a total of 99% of the cities of the country - were analyzed and are expected to be targets of major real estate developments in the coming years, Because they have a heated demand and good infrastructure.

Among them, João Pessoa stands out for having a different standard from the other big cities that have already undergone some type of expansion in the real estate sector. The great feature of the capital is that those who invest in new apartments in the plant, for example, are also engaged in the investment of the city.

In addition, because it has a large number of historic centers with imposing buildings, a rich gastronomic variety and a natural beauty surrounded by paradisiacal beaches, the city undergoes major transformations.

The big construction companies and real estate companies have invested more and more in the quality of life of the inhabitants of Paraíba, betting on technology and the sustainability, in order to reduce the costs and to promote well-being for the residents. In addition to all these predicates, being a developing city, the price of the square meter can still be considered low, making the cost benefit attractive.

The high rate of investment by real estate and construction companies is also closely linked to the appearance of new industries, which has reflected positively in the sector; Considerably increasing the demand for rents in this new phase of adaptation.