Is it possible to save money by paying rent?

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Seen often as a villain, opting for rent can compensate in many cases. This is what explains the Superintendent of Financial Risks and Capitalization of Porto Seguro, Luiz Henrique. According to him, it is necessary to demystify that the rent is "throw money away," since "the monthly lease can cost less than half of a portion of financing and can be beneficial for many people. This option has been gaining ground in recent years, "he says.

It is always worth remembering that before you become a tenant you need to do some calculations. Ideally, the landlord should spend a maximum of 30% of the rental budget. In this expense must be contemplated condominium and IPTU.

Rent is always a good option for those looking to avoid some obstacles when buying a property. Different from who will buy a residence, which are required the value of the entry for a financing, calculate interest rates and a long term financing, the rent avoids this headache and even provides the possibility of the tenant apply the money of the purchase of the property to obtain monetization and liquidity.

older furniture

Newly launched homes are usually more expensive. The ideal for those looking to save money is to look for older buildings.

Share rent

If the tenant lives alone in a property and does not see problems of sharing the space with another person, the cost of rent can drop by half and directly influence the income economy.

Adequate the size of the property at the time of its life

It is necessary to understand the timing of your life and tailor the size of your property to it. The rent is ideal for those who are looking for a property in the short term, cheaper and flexible. Young singles, for example, usually look for smaller properties. In the future, if they have a family, they are likely to look for a larger house with more space. The rent guarantees this possibility and adapts according to the need of each person and at different times of his life.