How is real estate financing done?

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How does financing work?

As soon as you choose the property you want to buy, you start some processes, such as proof of income, which mostly family income is added, so the agency can present you the amount you can finance the property.

Where full amount is passed on to the person who sold the property and you pay a certain number of installments in the number of months you were offered.

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The real estate financing market is constantly changing, so it is worth researching for the interest that your bank is imposing.

As much as you are comfortable with your bank, under certain conditions, your competitor may offer you lower interest options and larger installments for financing.
Documents you separate

The basic documents are CPF, RG, and if the financing is done by the couple, proof of the civil status and income. Self-employed persons can prove their receipt of income with their own income tax, or receipts of work done.

But if you do not have a bank account, still try to get in touch with a manager of a bank you trust, he will prepare the documentation necessary for you to start the process.

Remembering that the amount of funding can not exceed the limit of 30% of your monthly income. A search is also made to find out if your CPF is clean, with no outstanding debt in the SPC (Credit Protection Service) and SERASA.

Property assessment

After everything proved, the time comes for the property to be evaluated by someone responsible, to prove the value of that purchase. Everything is analyzed and approved only with all updated documentation and without any financial problems.

It seems like a long process, does not it? But in the end the joy is full.
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