Real Estate Market 2022

  • João Pessoa

The "new normal" is already our normal. The pandemic took hold in the world and extended across the planet in a way never imagined and expected. 

But despite the mishaps, the real estate market was one of the sectors that continued and continues with good expectations for the coming year.

After all, the world scenario had to move in a hurry, on the adaptation tracks, towards new ways of living, living, entertaining, and mainly building.

Curious? Read on and find out what will be, from now on, essential to live our "new times".

Larger properties 

The Home Office has become a must for thousands of people, due to the need for social isolation, as a prevention to the new coronavirus. As a consequence, looking for larger properties with more space will be paramount for those who will need to spend more time at home.

Real Estate Close to Work

With the pandemic came the economic crisis. And due to high living costs, one of the biggest concerns for families in 2022 will be to be close to work when choosing a new property. The "pandemic effect" will cause the routine to be reconfigured, and words such as SECURITY, WELL-BEING, and PRACTICITY will be fundamental in everyone's day-to-day life.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

The favorable payment terms, greater credit lines from banks, and the low Selic rate will make it so that the buying and selling of real estate will continue on the upswing. After all, it is undeniable that owning real estate is still one of the safest forms of investment. Besides that, on the other hand, the search for the first property continues to be a priority for many.   

Sustainable Real Estate 
The way we view our planet has inevitably changed. Therefore, the awareness about the environment will generate future sustainable projects. In other words, investments in new technologies, such as the use of clean and renewable energy, will be primordial in the construction works.

Smart Real Estate Contracts 

The world has become totally digital and the pandemic, more than ever, has shown the importance and need to be connected 24 hours a day to the internet network. This way, next year, the adoption of new technologies will be dominant in real estate sales and rentals, thus reducing bureaucracy, time, and increasing profitability. 

Tomorrow's Real Estate

In conclusion, with Covid-19's interference, our routine will never be the same. The market will gain new projections and the consumers' profile, extremely personal characteristics. 

Being prepared for the "new normal" is essential, and taking the first steps towards the new trends will be fundamental for new businesses. 

Will it be challenging? Without a doubt! 

However, with optimistic forecasts, it is already possible to see the recovery of the national economy and a glimpse of what the heated real estate market could be in 2022.