#The 25 wishes for anyone to be happy.

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The day comes that we think if it is doing everything right and says: It is now or never!

To complete 25 years with all this force in the market, it is not for anyone.
A brand that was consolidated with the Paraibans, made dreams of many people and made hope grow to believe.

Execut in its 25 years invites you to fulfill all your dreams.
Life does not wait, it goes very fast without us noticing.
That's why we help you list #The25Cards for anyone to be happy.

Do not procrastinate on doing things that are so simple that they can provide happy times. So let's go there:

1 - Exit: My name is ...: Learn a new language, so you will discover new cultures, you can make an exchange, get an easier job or even change your job.

2 - Tattoo does not hurt no, okay ?: Who never thought about getting a tattoo? Out of fear, people will let go of that will. Wants to know? Do one! No matter what size or where it is, the important thing is the meaning it will bring to you.

3 - Culture is never too much: Meet a new art space in a gallery or see a movie from a different director. Absorbing other customs and styles is a unique experience.

4 - Eat something different: Try new tastes, different tastes.

5 - Sing with headphones .: You do not have to have an incredible vocal to risk your favorite music. Sing it! Enjoy dancing too.

6 - Make surprise to someone: Is there anything better to see the smile of who you like? Even more making a surprise, without her waiting less. Make sure she's going to love it.

7 - Make a prank and still record .: Flour inside the hair dryer, bucket of water at the door or give that scare in the friend. Try filming to see what this will do.

8 - Laugh at yourself: The funny thing about life is to laugh at yourself.

9 - Anyway, only .: If you still live with the parents. Detach! Everyone wants independence, even to have their own space.
Receive at home who you want, get the time you want, leave clothes by the house. Okay, just do not exaggerate.

10 - Go to an animal donation fair: Be against the practice of buying pets. There are thousands abandoned and waiting for the affection that can not be bought.

11 - Donate blood: Blood donation centers need many donors daily. If you are afraid or afraid, you do not know how rewarding it is when the donation ends.

12 - Travel: Make a trip to anywhere. In addition to breathing new air, you meet new people, try new foods, and discover new paths.

13 - Cycling: Have you ever tried to ride a bike or change the group you already have? Do it! It seems a simple practice, but it brings a lot of good things to your health and well being.

14 - Talk with Helium: Have you tried this? It is very fun! Suck the bladder air filled with helium gas and speak next. You will love the result.

15 - Shopping online .: So you'll have more time to do what you like and still discover incredible shopping sites. And that feeling when your request arrives (can not you love it?).

16 - Let's see the sunset ?: Appreciating the setting sun renews the energies and invigorates.

17 - Play in the playground .: It's serious! Our soul will never cease to be that child. Play with the children, climb down the slide, climb up and down on the seesaw. Being a child is never late.

18 - Movie Kiss: No need to exaggerate and do the same to Spider-Man and Mary Jane. But kiss in the rain, yes you can and a lot.

19 - Encompassing the simplicity of things: Watching the overcast sky of stars and creating new names for them: It is simple, to admire the beautiful.

20 - Make a call: You must have a friend or relative who has not spoken for some time. Pick up the phone and say that you miss it. It will be pleasant to remember and to miss longing.

21 - Plant: Simple, but with an immense meaning. This attitude of planting something on earth reveals that you are ready for something new by giving yourself a new chance.

22 - Cook: You love, or you hate. Invent something of yourself. A different recipe, just experience the feeling of preparing something in the kitchen.

23 - Listen to everything: When you cling to that artist or band, no one else exists anymore. Open Spotify and put a playlist you would never hear.

24 - Exit the groups of the cell phone: If you are one of those who is in 300 groups of the cell phone and most of them will not talk or even bother you. Do not think twice: quit right now! It will be liberating.

25 - Dream awake: Better to live is to dream. Always think about what can be done to improve your life, your customs, the way you think, act. Be better with each passing day. Dream about something new, your future.