Vivere Home Service

  • City Cabedelo

  • Neighborhood Ponta de Campina

  • Code 88

  • Views 686

Resort setting only inside and outside your own home. This is a foot in the sand venture made for you to spend the best moments of your life with family and friends, since all of them, from now on, fit here at Vivere Home Resort. The beach volleyball / beach tennis courts and soccer court flanked by a river of natural reserve that passes within the grounds prove that living is better than dreaming. Summers will never be the same. Its refuge by the sea is also a meeting point for vacationing and celebrating heavenly moments together.

There are 5 lounges with barbecue spread throughout the free area, available for you and your guests to make life a party. While someone roasts the meat, they can prepare the toast. May the memory of your children and grandchildren running through the parks, courts and toys made for them to create affective memories be even more vivid. After all, growing up is closing your eyes and remembering the smells, colors and sounds of our family gathered on vacation and weekends. We reserve the most coveted and exclusive stretch of the Paraiba coast for you to consolidate your achievements. Feel the pool envelop your body while the sea, just ahead, invites you for a swim, a water sport or to record in your memory the lush landscape all at your disposal. A project of a high standard, which mixes modernity and cosiness, design and landscape, concrete and nature in perfect harmony.


  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4 Suites
  • 3 Garages
  • 3 Pools
  • 1 Party room
  • 1 Gym