The most modern Health/Mall/Housing complex


  • City João Pessoa

  • Neighborhood Manaíra

  • Code 131

  • Views 2543

Omni Medical (Business) • Common areas in accordance with ANVISA's RDC-50. • Elevator with stretcher access. • Exclusive elevator for healthcare professionals. • 233 doctors' offices. • Offices from 25m² to 144m². • Area for Day Hospital with approximately 2,500m². • Exclusive area for diagnostic imaging center with approximately 440m². • Areas for the disposal of solid medical waste on all floors of the Medical

Omni Home (Residential) • Apartments from 39m² to 78m². • 112 apartments. • 03 exclusive elevators. • Possibility of modulation between 2 or more apartments. • Complete Leisure Area. • 1st floor type with a height equivalent to the 22nd floor. Omni Mall (Shops) • Stores with double height ceilings. • 28 stores. • Stores from 34 m² to 195 m². • Possibility of merging 2 or more stores. • Environment with qualified flow of people. • Availability of Storages with approximately 3.60 m². The Omni is located in one of the best neighborhoods to work, invest and live: Manaíra. ​It has a health center and complete medical-hospital complex, with offices and structure to receive a diagnostic imaging center, laboratory and a day hospital. comfort and quality of life. Complete leisure area and independent spaces guarantee your comfort. To make everything even more integrated, it also has a mall. This space will receive various types of services to bring more functionality and facilitate the routine for those who live, work or attend.


  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Suites
  • 670 Garages
  • 18 Lifts

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