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Mansões Wellington Barreto

  • City João Pessoa

  • Neighborhood Altiplano Cabo Branco

  • Code 28

  • Views 7168

The Wellington Barreto Mansions will turn your days into a great reverence for the beauty of the easternmost coast of the Americas. And it is not for nothing. With a definite and panoramic sea view, you will never see the sun rise with the same eyes. A luxury that only such a superior masterpiece of the Alliance and a neighborhood as elegant as the Altiplano can offer. Wellington Barreto mansions: a definite sight, a definite comfort, a definite privilege of life for you. Come live all this What will not be lacking are innovative leisure, entertainment and relaxation experiences at Wellington Barreto Mansions. A true upscale luxury club, with communal areas delivered equipped and set with the security that your family definitely deserves.

COMMON AREAS - Entrance Port-Cochère - Wet Decks with Sofas and Futons - Heated Infantile Pool - Internal and External Spa - Mini Golf - Social Hall - Play Kids - Games Room - Teen Space - Pilates - Water Mirrors - Zen Space Playground - Square - Mini Soccer Field - Home Cinema - Play Adventure - Home Office - Fitness - Recreational Court - Heated Pool with Ray - Bar with Barbecue - Lookout Deck - Tennis court The - Party room - Women's Space Yoga TYPE OF APARTMENTS Apartments of 412 m² | 4 Suites with Balcony - Master Suite with Hydro and Private Balcony - Living / Dining Room - Gourmet Kitchen Integrated Terrace - Balcony To be intimate - Up to 5 Parking Spaces - Service area - Employee Deportation - WBC Service - Storage room Washbasin


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