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CredPago is a company that has been revolutionizing the real estate rental market in the country, making it possible to rent without a guarantor and without red tape.

But what is CredPago? CredPago is the first bail bond through credit card. It has come to innovate, facilitate and simplify the leasing process by eliminating all paperwork, acting 100% online and analyzing the tenant's registration in up to 15 minutes.

First: The tenant goes to the real estate and presents:
• Personal data
• Credit Card (with limit on view of more than 4X the amount reported)
• Copy of last paid invoice from card
* If requested, the tenant presents the same data of one or more co-managers from anywhere in Brazil.

Second: With the registration data, the real estate agent inserts the information into the CredPago system, which in 15 minutes returns with the analysis answers. In case of approval, the lessee receives in his e-mail the terms of the contract with CredPago for reading and acceptance. In case the real estate agent asks for the signature in some document it will be necessary to be done according to its orientation.

Third: Upon acceptance of the terms, CredPago will launch the set up installment fee up to 3X and also its annual fee, divided up to 12X, renewing annually while the agreement is active.

In addition to expediting the lease, CredPago gives the property owner the certainty of receiving the rents. Because it is a simple and uncomplicated process, the default rate is practically zero. CredPago has been changing the market, enabling a simple, easy and efficient way to lease real estate.