Rent without guarantor? Think Execut!

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Do you know that moment that you need to rent a property and can not get anyone to be a guarantor? Execut now owns the SulAmérica rental warranty.

You make a lease without a guarantor. And still redeem your updated money at the end of the plan.

Here's how it works: SulAmérica Rent Guarantee is a capitalization
bond that acts as a bond, eliminating the guarantor's need, in a quick, paperless process.

Advantages for the renter:

- It does at the time, without bureaucracy and without cadastral analysis.
- No need for guarantor, avoiding embarrassments and discomforts.
- Return of the total value of the Title updated by the TR at the end of the plan.
- Two draws per month, by the Federal Lottery, competing for the value of the Title in cash.
- Free Residential Assistance Services *, including key chain,
glazier, electrician, plumber, computer assistance, repair of
appliances, among others.
- Exclusive discounts on the network.
- Automatic renewal during the lease.

24h Assistance Service:

- Key chain: loss or theft of keys, for entry into assisted living.
- Electrician: urgent repair of electric power and change of resistance of the shower.
- Plumber: internal leak that causes or may cause flooding.
- Glazier: repair of glass or glass doors and windows of common areas (external).
- Computer Assistance: telephone guidance for troubleshooting the
operating systems and basic applications of the customer's computer.
- Repair of Appliances: repair of stove, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, washing machines and dryers.
- Computer Assistance: telephone guidance for solving operating system problems and basic client computer applications.